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Targeted Strategies

We analyze and improve your site’s search rankings to connect you with your target audience, building trust and driving conversion focused traffic.

Focus on Organic Search

High organic search rankings equate to credibility. We aim to enhance your visibility genuinely, drawing customers to your site.

Brand Presence

Our SEO expertise sharpens your brand's online presence, emphasizing its authenticity and value.



SEO for Health and Wellness

Our SEO services are tailored to the YMYL niche resulting in more site traffic and improve sales conversions.

Optimizing for Visibility - SEO

We focus on targeted keywords and improve your website's structure to ensure your store stands out to potential customers. This strategy has boosted client visibility by 300% within six months.

Improving Conversions - CRO

Attracting visitors is just the first step. We optimize every aspect of your website's UX to significantly increase sales. Our clients see their conversion rates double after our strategies are applied.

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CBD Store

Ecommerce store selling premium CBD Oil


Conversion Rate


Increase in traffic


Why Ranklift?

We deliver straightforward SEO results.


Experience That Counts

With a history of successful SEO campaigns, we know what works for Health and Wellness E-commerce.


Knowledge Up-to-Date

We stay updated on SEO trends to implement latest and best practices in your store’s strategy.


Responsive Strategy

We continuously update our SEO strategies to remain effective in the ever-evolving search algorithms.


Timely Impact

SEO takes time – this is a popular phrase but our approach balances quick wins with long-term growth, aiming for lasting success.

Ranklift has been a game-changer for our online presence. Their expertise in SEO has significantly improved our website’s visibility and organic traffic. The team’s strategic approach to keyword optimization and content creation has not only boosted our rankings but also enhanced the user experience. We’ve seen a remarkable increase in engagement and conversions, thanks to Ranklift’s SEO. Highly recommended for any business looking to elevate their digital footprint!

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to common questions about our SEO services and how they uplift your Health and Wellness store.

Ranklift tailors SEO solutions for the health and wellness sector, encompassing audits, keyword research tailored to wellness topics, on-page SEO fine-tuned for health-related content, technical SEO, holistic content strategies, and ethical link building practices.

We focus on increasing your site’s visibility among the targeted audience, people who are interested in knowledge as well as buying the products. This, in turn, fosters greater brand trust and a higher likelihood of visitor-to-client conversion.

Due to the nature of  health and wellness industry, SEO ensures that your site stands out to those seeking guidance about health and wellness, without it, your valuable health and wellness insights risk being lost in a sea of online information.

SEO is an ongoing process, particularly in the health and wellness industry, where trust is paramount. While immediate gains are part of our goal, we prioritize sustainable growth that builds your reputation steadily over time.

Your involvement can be minimal. We handle the intricate aspects of SEO, asking for your input on major decisions and insights to ensure our strategies resonate with your wellness philosophy and audience.

Our strategy is comprehensive and flexible, tailored to the unique demands of the health and wellness domain. We combine in-depth industry research with proven SEO techniques to craft personalized strategies that resonate with health-focused audiences.

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