Image Optimization

Are bulky and unoptimized images slowing your business down?

You know the feeling of clicking on a link, and the website content loads instantly, feels good right? We want your users to feel the same!
With RankLift’s image optimization services we can boost your website loading speed, user experience, and search engine visibility. We take care of your beautiful images by optimizing them via compression, making them responsive for all devices, and choosing a proper format.
Want to know more? Scroll down and look at our process and upgrade your experience.



Our Process

Comprehensive Image Evaluation

The first step is to evaluate the images on your website, think of it like a site inspection, we look and analyze every image thats slowing down your website.

Optimization Techniques Implementation

After we have classified the bad images causing negative experiences on your website, we optimize them by reducing their size, and selecting the best formatting, while maintaining the image's superior quality.

SEO-Enhanced Image Tagging

In this step, we give your image a personality, by applying SEO-friendly practices such as adding accurate image tagging, and alt text. Think of it as making your images more friendly for search engines.

Performance Tracking and Adjustments

After we have done our magic, we analyze and track the post-optimized performance of the website, making regular adjustments as necessary to make it more awesome for your users.

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