Keyword Research & Analysis

Finding the missing identity aka Keywords 😉

Typical Digital Agencies – Keywords, research blah blah blah some heavy explanation 

At RankLift – we like keep it simple, so do you have a house plate at your home ?, yes bit weird question to ask but bear with us, so what purpose it serves? – Identification or finding you may say, now think that “keywords” are such identifiers where your website acts as home, so as your friends (hope you have any) find your home via your house number, your customers will find you via a right set of such identifiers aka “Keywords”, and we do this for you we with  our experience magic and analysis, we can find the identity that your store is missing.

It all begins with passion, and we are proud to house some of the best strategic thinkers and skilled marketers. Our team invests their passion and expertise in formulating strategies that guarantee our clients and their businesses are all set for success. SEO Experts Company India.



Our Process

Initial Business and Audience Understanding

First, we have a thorough meeting with you, so that we can understand your goals and discuss your target audience to set an initial stage.

Search Volume and Competition Analysis

At this step, we look at the footfalls your competitor is generating and the number of people that want to find you or your competitor & this helps us to strategize an action plan to capture the volume and divert the potential traffic to you.

Intent Analysis and Keyword Grouping

Intent - “Intention”, by this we mean that, the strategic analysis of the previous stage is further classified into group based on the intention of volume generated by a particular keyword, which in turn helps in narrowing down the the funnel to correct set of audience

Continuous Optimization

“Change is only constant” - Yes, even Keywords fall under this mysterious universe phenomena, with changing trends there is always a work of redefining your identity and we take care of that on your behalf ;)

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