Page Speed Optimization

We can make your website load at light speed ⚡

Do you like waiting for a web page to load? Neither do we. 40% of users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
At RankLift we make your website load instantly via our page speed optimization services, we look into many technical aspects of your website such as the time to get your webpage from your server to the user browser (server response), optimizing bulky images on your website (image optimization), optimizing internal code of the website. We make your website go from being a tortoise to being Usain Bolt!
Want to learn how? Read along.



Our Process

Initial Speed Assessment

In the first step we analyze your existing website speed and we evaluate your website on various industry standard benchmarks that indicate your site overall performance and areas that need improvement.

Resource Optimization

Based on the result we got from the benchmarks, we start working on the areas the need improvement on your website such as images, code and much more. Making your website feel lighter and faster then ever!

Server and Hosting Improvements

Server is an important contributor in page speed, we analyze your server settings and hosting , and tune them to perfection for optimum speed performance.

Continuous Monitoring and Enhancement:

As your website evolves over time, so does the need to optimize the page speed, it’s a continuous collaboration of improving performance and enhancement on the website as the content changes.

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