SEO Audit

Audit ? Yes, it can reveal a lot about your SEO

On this page? Tired or frustrated by your SEO performance, especially in current times? So let’s get into it step by step, why do you need an audit you may ask – so as an example for fractures doctors suggest an x-ray to get the complete idea of the severeness, it’s the same for us, we kinda x-ray your store to identify potential issues because without it you can’t get the clear idea.

But what after that? – We act immediately on the problems via different tools and methods such as Keyword Research and analysis, Technical SEO, On-Page Optimization etc, and get your site health/SEO Performance high again.

It all begins with passion, and we are proud to house some of the best strategic thinkers and skilled marketers. Our team invests their passion and expertise in formulating strategies that guarantee our clients and their businesses are all set for success. SEO Experts Company India.



Our Process

Initial Consultation and Goals Assessment

At first, we have thorough meeting with you, so that we can understand your goals and discuss about your current SEO performance

Comprehensive Website Analysis

At this step, the diagnosis process starts with a deep scan of your website particularly looking for keywords and issues content quality and other technical aspects to prepare a proper action plan.

Strategy Development

This step concludes the first two steps as here we combine the data from the first two steps, i.e. your goals and what needs to be fixed and form a strategic action plan to get your store in action!

Implementation and Reporting

It's the action time, we start the implementation of our strategy and start making necessary changes and ya don't worry we are always in the loop, we prepare a weekly/monthly detailed report of the progress and keep you updated.

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